Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the knives come sharp or dull?

A: All of our butter trainers are dull. This means the knife will be completely dull and unable to cut. The Huntsman knives are the only sharp ones in our collection.

Q: Where does the order ship from?
A: We are located in NRW, Germany. This is where your order will be sent from.


Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we do worldwide shipping.


Q: Will my knife be taken by customs?
A: US orders will be fulfilled via our US warehouse and EU orders will be fulfilled via our EU warehouse. This will result in these shipments never being inspected or delayed by customs. For shipments to Switzerland, Canada or Australia, we cannot guarantee that all orders will make it through customs. We have restricted those storefronts to knives based on our success rate of shipping to those locations.